Five Great Times to Get Things Done Based on Daily Food Cycles

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Never enough time in the day, is there? I stay up late, wake up early and was the "busiest unemployed person," according to my husband. There are articles that talk extensively about time management, but I like simple guidelines--and if you can anchor them to the cycles of food, even better. The next time you are about to make a grocery run or book a dinner reservation, consider the following times.

1. A great time to exercise: Before breakfast.
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It takes a whole lot to get out of bed, yet very little to procrastinate. Once your workout is out of the way, you've still got the rest of the day to get things done. The vast majority also hit the gym after work, so take advantage of the equipment and go for it!

2. A great time to take a lunch: 11 a.m.

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Most places don't open for lunch until this time. You're catching the staff before they get slammed. Or, if you are doing takeout, I prefer calling ahead so it's waiting for me. Generally speaking, if you can be seated before noon, you're fine.

3. A great time to schedule a doctor's visit: After lunch.
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My dentist was always backed up when I scheduled earlier rather than later. It only takes one drop-in to push back the whole schedule. Be the first to see the doctor or dentist after lunch. He or she will be in a better mood.

4. A great time to make a dinner reservation: It depends.
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It's best to call when they first open. A host(ess) or reservationist is expected to be ready to receive calls at this time. If that doesn't work, call after 3 p.m. That's after lunch, but before dinner service. If you're not opposed, check OpenTable.

5. A great time to go grocery shopping: After 8 p.m.
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Everyone is at home digesting at this point (or they're still enjoying happy hour). It's quieter at the store. Plus, it's an opportunity to get some walking in. Note: Grocery circulars normally reset on a Wednesday. Compare sales with your shopping list. Take a few minutes to plan, and save time and money.

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Buggle B
Buggle B

All I know is that the absolute worst time to go grocery shopping is on a Monday right after work...especially if you're waiting behind the person that still pays with a check!

On a side note, I can't tell if Diamond Dog is "applying" for a job to join your food blogging team (he did provide a more complete list of restaurants opened this month, no?) or just has a lot of time on his hands? I did notice a higher increase in comments posted by him compared to usual (I'm assuming you're a guy and apologize if I'm incorrect).

Whatever the case, I enjoy reading all your articles and comments (the good, bad and ugly). My small comment on this piece was that I could do without the pictures to describe every item (especially the one at the dentist office. ick!).


Dentists: Lunch breaks get pushed back too. Best time: First App't of the day.Grocery Shopping: Best time: Early in the day. Shelves are freshly stocked and produce is fresher. After 8, shelves are empty especially in meat and produce.

Poteet Strawberry
Poteet Strawberry

Stay with restaurant and food reviews, leave the callow mishmasherie to His 'Tavo, and you'll do real good with the folks. I guarandamnteeit.

Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog

I would expect more eloquent responses from someone who claims he is a "writer". Keep ignoring what your readers want and calling them names. This blog under your leadership sure is a class act.

Keep up the shit work.....Keep passing off lame write ups as journalism.


Dog: And keep up whining and hijacking nearly all posts!

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