Twelve Food Trucks Gathering Tomorrow in Fountain Valley

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You've probably noticed that we rarely blab about food truck meet-ups anymore. Frankly, they're hardly news these days. When is there not a food truck gathering happening somewhere?

Since food trucks make more money when they're surrounded by other food trucks, they're going to clump together whenever the opportunity arises. It's simple microeconomic theory at work.

If we wrote a post every time we've gotten wind of some food truck confluence, we'd get pretty sick of it. And most often it's usually only a handful of trucks, occurring at odd times in odd venues.

But tomorrow's food truck gathering of 12 trucks at Boomers in Fountain Valley is worthy of mention, especially for a non-festival venue on a typical work-a-day Friday. The hours are also prime time for grazing. It starts from 5 p.m. and lasts till 11 p.m.

Who are the Dirty Dozen? One is Chomp Chomp, which Dave reviewed this week, also the LudoTruck, which rarely makes it down to OC.

The list after the jump.

1. The Taco Dawg: @TheTacoDawg
2. Bakery Truck: @bakerytruck
3. Fresh Fries: @FreshFriesLA
4. Ludo Truck: @LudoTruck
5. Chomp Chomp: @chompchomptruck
6. Dogzilla @dogzillahotdogs
7. Shortstop BBQ: @ShortstopBBQ
8. Tropical Shave Ice: @tropshaveice
9. Piaggio: @piaggioonwheels
10. Louks: @LouksToGo
11. Dos Chinos: @doschinos
12. Lee's Philly: @LeesPhilly

16800 Magnolia Street, Fountain Valley

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Food trucks will be at SAMs Club in Fountain Valley on Wednesday, April 11th...


Chomp Chomp Nation Rocks - Their french Toast is Da' Kine but the Hawker Sloppy Joe keeps me tracking you down. You got me coming and going night and day. Catch that tiger truck by the tail and hold on for a Smore' . aloha -

The Late Ixo
The Late Ixo

Why don't they ever have a beer and wine truck (or station wagon) parked off to the side next to a Johnny-On-The-Spot?

Neale Smull
Neale Smull

It's like the mobile home park for food

Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog

Why don't they just use the taxpayer draining "Great Park" to set up a permanent location for food trucks and food vendors similar to a night market? They could actually raise revenue for that 200+ million dollar tax payer drain. There is a ton of wasted, empty space there.

We would all benefit as we would have another "unique" food venue in OC. Could you imagine what it would be like if you could go to a place and there would always be various food trucks and vendors there and different vendors would change? And it was in the same place so every night you knew you could go there?

Would more food trucks spring up and become successful if they had a regular place to sell at? Wish we would do more to help businesses in this State.

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

They do; every Sunday there are food trucks at the Money Pi... er... Great Park.

Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog

why not a location where it could be everyday? I eat a lot and need more than just Sunday! I know the notsoGreat Park is busy with its balloon rides and all, but.....

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