This Week in Food: Historical Eating Contests, Non-Gross Bukkake, and Alcoholic CREAM

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The above audio clip is well-known to fans of the Howard Stern Show like meself but does signify one of the few times bukkake can be used in a non-porno term. After the jump, how we at SaFII were able to pull it off--and other highlights from the week!  Dave created a killer double-down latke, whipped up some alcoholic whipped cream to beat down that CREAM trend, got his bukkake on in Fountain Valley--and lived to tell the tale.

I tracked the latest touch of class offered by Piaggio on Wheels, uncovered what just might be the first-ever eating contest in Orange County, wrote an obituary for the Jack in the Box taco, offered five Mexican Christmas food traditions that should happen year-round, and answered someone's questions about whether Villa Park will ever get a new eatery. Phew!

Edwin interviewed Jinan Montecristo of the fabulous Les Amis, found some new restaurant openings at the Diamond Jamboree, and had perhaps the best news of the week: At Last Cafe in Long Beach is expanding.

Shuji told us where to get great Buffalo wings, and mero mero Ted Kissell reported on the first Colombian restaurant to open in Orange County in nearly 20 years.

Happy eating!

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