This Week in Food: Everyone's Top Five, Adventures in Argentina, and Fat Santa!

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Don't feed Santa too many cookies lest he get like this...
It is the holidays, and most publications are list-crazy. But we do it best--four critics, four top-five restaurant lists, and no spillover! And more highlights after the jump!

Dave calculated how many calories Santa Claus will gain next Saturday, offered five venison dishes, and gave us his Top Five restaurants.

Edwin went crazy over Asian Tapas (again, and rightfully so), reported on some Jedi mind trick that involves you thinking about eating to eat less, and gave us another Top Five restaurants.

Michelle was in Argentina most of this month and filed a report from the parillas of Buenos Aires. Shuji wrote still another Top Five restaurants list.

And yours truly added still yet another Top Five restaurants list, showed you how to eat like a Wiccan for the holidays, and did a post on vegan tamale pie that has pissed off many Mexis for some reason.

Happy eating!

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