Piaggio on Wheels Continuing to Class Up the Luxe-Lonchera Experience

Take a look at the photo and try to figure out exactly what it has to do with the headline. A clue, then the answer, after the jump!

Okay, so maybe the Argentine luxe-lonchera isn't playing Carlos Gardel yet. But the owners have recently installed speakers where they blast the music of their respective homelands--the tangos of Jose Piaggio's Argentina, and the gentle bossa novas and rambunctious sambas of his wife's Brazil. Hey, I love listening to Banda El Recodo or KLOS-FM 95.5 from my favorite lonchera, but its those little touches that further distinguishes Piaggio's from the pack beyond their superlative milanesa and choripán.

And since I gave a taste of the Argentine, now, the Brazilian:

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