Double-Down Latkes, or Why Rob Eshman Is a Genius

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Dave Lieberman
Rob Eshman is the editor of and occasional food blogger for the Jewish Journal who raised the hackles of Los Angeles food bloggers earlier this year by posting 10 reasons Saveur's glowing review of LA's promise as a food destination was misguided.

Well, dear readers, Eshman has done his atonement; he has posted the best damn Festival of Lights recipe since Balducci's advertised Hanukkah ham. He has recreated KFC's Double Down sandwich--that disgusting amalgamation of salty chicken, salty Hashem-only-knows-what sauce and salty bacon that I and nearly every other food writer in the country panned back in April--with a delicious update: latkes instead of chicken, crème fraîche instead of the mystery goop and lox instead of bacon.
Dave Lieberman
The idea is just genius. I mean, I jumped up and went to go to the kitchen, only to discover I had no potatoes and no eggs. It percolated in my head, though; I had to make it, so here it is: It's Hanukkah starting tonight, and latkes are on the menu.

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