This Week in Food: Rare Ramen, A Reason to Visit Rancho Santa Margarita, And Waiters Trying to Get Laid!

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Some of the many highlights this week on this infernal blog after the jump, and including more than what the descriptive title promises!

Shuji continues his series on making killer New York-style pizza by teaching us oven techniques and complains about Sandra Lee possibly infesting the governor's mansion in New York.

Edwin waxed poetic about Belgian waffle sandwiches of years past in revealing a Belgian waffle sandwich shop in Orange, and listed some restaurant closures for October.

Dave liked the Burnt Truck's sliders, but not its strange name, ridiculed food prognosticators, and found a fine brewery in--what?!--Rancho Santa Margarita.

I got sloshed at the Crosby, spoke of where to find good mandu in Orange County while ripping off an article about the Mandu King, talked of Anaheim's great Mexican-American restaurants, and complained about the horny waiters at Lizarrán Tapas.

We welcomed another gal to this sausage party: Michelle Woo, who spoke of her fear-love for the newly resurrected McRib and will make cameos here.

As always, amigos: eat!

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