The Penance of the Food Blogger: Former Register Food Blogger Goes Solo On a Diet

Niyaz Pirani / Fat Dude On a Diet
Niyaz Pirani, former Mission Viejo reporter and food blogger for the Orange County Register and all-around good guy, has returned to food blogging. He will be writing "Fat Dude on a Diet", a blog dedicated to the proposition that salads are not lunch.

For the next year, Pirani will be eating programmed foods designed by Las Vegas private chef Brian Miller and walking thirty minutes a day, six days a week. The seventh day is pig-out day.

This seems like an attempt to prove the French Paradox: food at mealtimes, little to no processed food, and incorporation of exercise into the daily life. That paradox led to your humble author losing about 13 pounds in three weeks.

Stick A Fork In It would like to point out to Miller and Pirani that while iceberg lettuce does not a lunch make, salade gasconne (butter lettuce with vinaigrette, garlic croûtons, lardons, chicken gizzards confit, tomatoes and butter-fried potatoes) is a man's meal.

The blog debuts Monday at

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