New Mexican Restaurant at The District in Tustin Slated For December Opening

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Edwin Goei

Remember Bistro West and the building they left behind when they shuttered at The District in Tustin? It turns out the restaurant that will take it's place won't be called Pablo McGinty's as some reports out there predicted.

A few weeks ago, I snapped this picture of their banner as I was on my way to filling up my gas tank at Costco. As it indicates, the new place is going to be called simply Pablo's Cantina.

Later, some more details emerged when we received an e-mail from their PR people. The owners are apparently from Hawaii. In fact, they opened their first Pablo's in Honolulu last month. The Tustin branch will be the second.

They've also told us that they're still finalizing the permits with the City of Tustin but are close to setting the opening date, which they hope will be in December.

What will Hawaiians offer us in Mexican food that we don't already get, well, like everywhere we look? We'll see. But I'm hoping it will be just as interesting as the Irish Pablo McGinty's might have been.

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