Five Food Challenges in Orange County

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The Catch Facebook Page
The WTF Burger at The Catch in Anaheim is a stomach-busting stack of eight pounds of meat, five avocados, 15 strips of bacon, 24 slices of cheddar and a heaping pile of fried peppers.
​Yes, America, this is why you're fat. Ah, well. Unbutton those pants and win some stuff!   

Here are five restaurants in OC where you can test your gastronomic limits. Complete them all and the bottle of Tums is on us.  

Rules, photos and a video after the jump! 

1. The Ramen Challenge

Hakata Ramen
Slurp up! How many bowls do you think you can handle?
Give thanks for expandable waistbands. On Nov. 25, Thanksgiving Day, Shin-Sen-Gumi in Fountain Valley will host a ramen challenge. Ten bucks gets you a standard bowl of ramen with unlimited servings of extra noodles. Men that finish six servings of extra noodles in 45 minutes get their ramen for free. Women must finish four servings of extra noodles within the time limit for their meal to be comped. The challenger who slurps up the most servings of extra noodles throughout the day wins a $50 gift certificate.    
18315 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley, (714) 962-8952, www.shinsengumigroup.comOpen from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

2. The OMG Burger Challenge

The Catch Facebook Page
O-M-Gross. In this challenge--hosted by Anaheim restaurant The Catch--you get an hour to devour a supersized burger packed with a four-pound lean ground chuck patty, 12 slices of cheese, an entire head of iceberg lettuce, two whole tomatoes, a whole onion, mayo and a few kosher dill pickles. The burger costs a whopping $49.95, but the payoff is worth it for the victorious. Those who complete the challenge win $500. (The OMG Burger is a mini-version of the restaurant's WTF Burger, pictured at the top of this post.) 

2100 E. Katella Ave., Anaheim, (714) 935-0101, The challenge requires a reservation. 

3. The Sushi Challenge

Sushilicious Facebook Page
Kirk Barnard was once a title-holder at Sushilicious, devouring 38 plates of sushi. And look, he's smiling!
At Sushilicious in Irvine, sushi lovers can get their fix in a massive way. To get their meal comped and their picture on the restaurant's Facebook page, challengers must eat as many plates of sushi as they can in one hour (each plate contains 3-4 pieces) in an attempt to beat the previous record. Better start stretching those stomach muscles now. The current male record-holder digested 60 plates and the latest female champion gobbled down 61. Whoa, Nemo. 

15435 Jeffrey Rd., Ste. 119, Irvine, (949) 552-2260,

4. The Extra Large Pizza Challenge
Flickr user rileyroxx
Not the pizza in question, and actually bigger than this...
BallPark Pizza Team in Rancho Santa Margarita hosts this challenge--and by extra large, they mean extra large. A team of two has one hour to finish a 28-inch party pizza, meant to feed a group of 20. That's a 60-slice pie we're talking about. If the pizza is fully consumed, the face-stuffing duo gets to split a $100 cash prize. Only one team has completed the challenge so far.

22431 Antonio Pkwy., Ste. B-110, Rancho Santa Margarita (949) 589-3436; Challengers must order the pizza 24 hours in advance. 

5. The Blazin' Challenge

Those with taste buds of steel and titanium stomachs can take the Blazin' Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings: Eat 12 of restaurant's Blazin' Wings (the hottest available) in less than 6 minutes and get your picture on the wall and a free T-shirt. No cooling the palate with beverages or ranch and celery, and no touching the face. My friend Yon did the challenge in Irvine twice. Look, he's not even sweating!

Multiple locations,

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