Eat Here, Not There: Meatball Subs

Edwin Goei
This is the Meatball Sub from Harry's Deli.
Subway. You can't get away from it. Airports. Wal-Marts. Gas stations. They're everywhere. It far outnumbers any other fast food chain--the largest single-brand chain in world. It's bigger than McDonald's. Drive a few blocks anywhere in civilization and you'll likely pass at least one Subway, in some cases three or four. On road trips, when there is nothing to be seen for miles, there will always be, without fail, a Subway on the horizon.

But finding a soul who will admit to liking Subway is harder. Go ahead. Try it. Ask a friend, a family member and see what they say. I did. I queried a few co-workers this very question: "What do you think of Subway?"

To paraphrase, one plainly said "Blech!" before walking off to make copies. Another said he's never been to Subway. Liar. The third went immediately into a dissection of why he liked Quiznos better, which I took to mean that he didn't think much of Subway, or my question.

Edwin Goei
This is the Meatball Sub from Harry's Deli after it's halved.
I'm sure after minutes of this post going live, the comment board will be littered with passionate opinions one way or the other, but mostly one way.

My two cents? I don't patently object to Subway. In fact, I'm largely indifferent about it. It's a fast food I'd rather have than McDonald's. And I admit: it has to do with their current $5 footlong pricing scheme. If I were in stuck in bunker and all I had to keep me alive was a life-time supply of their Spicy Italian (providing it is impervious to spoilage), I would not commit suicide...right away. Other fast food, I'm not so sure.

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