Carl's Jr. Gets Voted as the Best Burger Singapore?!

Categories: Indigestion
How many burgers can beat this? Let us count the ways...
Singapore is one of the world's great food centers. CNN is one of the world's great news organizations. Together, they have come to a bizarre conclusion: Carl's Jr.'s Portobello mushroom burger is the best on the island.

Since lists now run journalism, CNN enlisted some Singapore foodies to opine in the island's best foodstuffs. For burgers, the "experts" sided with the Anaheim titan (, corporate headquarters are now in Carpinteria, but they'll always be Anacrime).

"While some may debate that a fast food option should be included in this category," CNN's write-up states, "we beg to differ--Carl's Jr.'s juicy burgers are as good, if not better, than many gourmet rivals."

Whaa? You're pretty dumb to eat burgers in Singapore to begin with, but Carl's better than rivals? I can make a better burger, and my cooking ability is limited to burning carne asada.

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