Another Reason why the Democratic Party of Orange County is Pathetic: Their Official Party is at Original Mike's

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Although we might come across as a left-of-left lefties, people who actually read the entirety of the Weekly know that we harbor a special animus toward local Democrats, who can boast of supporting corrupt politicians (SanTana Mayor-for-Life Don Papi Pulido, Irvine boss Larry Agran, convicted felon and ex-sheriff Mike Carona) and ineffective ones (Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, former Supervisor Lou Correa) as well as Republicans.

So, true to form, the Democratic Party of Orange County draws our ire again, this time for holding their Election Night celebration tonight at perhaps the most apropos restaurant for their brand of so-called liberalism: Original Mike's in SanTana

I know some of you foodies don't like politics raining on your happy-shiny lives, but tough tamales: not only does Original Mike's not sell good food, but founder Mike Harrah has consistently thwarted the democratic process in SanTana. Sure, he gives money to some Dems, but they're of the conflict-of-influenza-stricken type; most of Harrah's campaign contributions falls on Republicans. Worst of all? It was Original Mike's that hosted a fundraiser where the special guest was Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, perhaps America's most-reprehensible politician--and not just because he arrested my perpetually drunk mick bosses in a move so unconstitutional that Arpayaso had to release them a day later.

With Dems like ours, who needs the GOP? If you're looking for a good time to watch your party get walloped, libs, a better option is up Broadway at Memphis.

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Original Mike's

100 S. Main St., Santa Ana, CA

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