Eddie Lin, Deep End Diner Extraordinaire, Does Pirate's Dinner Adventure!

"The Soup or Salad Wench"--Lin's hilarious quote, not mine...
The food critic's food critic, Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining--OC native, occasional Weekly contributor, author, and the man who will eat ANYTHING--recently graced our county for a strange dinner choice: the hokey-as-hell Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park. I'd usually laugh at anyone who'd attend that tourist trap, and would ignore a review, but this is Lin, the man who could make random napkin scribbles as hilarious and witty as a Mel Brook script for Get Smart.

Click after the jump for Lin's video of the pop-lockin' pirate!
Click here to read Lin's take on the adventure (he liked it, but mostly because of the zombies; best observation: "Free apps hour lasted for about an hour and a half, which was more than enough time for landlubbers and amateur pirates alike to spend all of their hard-pillaged doubloons on rum and cokes served in Pirate's Dinner Adventure logo steins or classy pirate stuff like bikini bottoms that read 'Surrender the Booty!'). And, in what I'm sure is an amazing coincidence, Edwin reviewed Medieval Times in his personal blog earlier this month!

Anyhoo, the pirate!

Pop-Lockin' Pirate! from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.

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