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Read up on Dave's encounter with summer produce of the mythical variety and more of what you missed this week in Stick a Fork In It after the jump!

Edwin chows down on this week's sweet and spicy Wacky Snack, holds a battle of the grilled fish dishes, recounts happenings on the "Great Food Truck Race" and gets a hold of Gabe Gordon of Beachwood BBQ for an in-depth interview

Dave discovers dragon fruit at the local farmers' market, teaches us how to "hatch" a sauce, divulges a favorite Vegas-bound pit-stop, does happy hour at Sol Cocina, lists five condiments better made than paid for and shares a tasty Oktoberfest tidbit from German news.

Gustavo tells us where we can go to grab some great al pastor tacos, exposes this week's indecent Taco Bell crime and continues to dish out his food truck reviews with a feature on Dos Chinos.

Shuji gets sweet on ABC Cake Decorating Shoppe and the whole gang continues the countdown of our top 100 favorite dishes!

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