Luxe-Loncheras to Gather Every Thursday at the Orange County Fairgrounds, as the One Non-Crazy Chapman Law Professor Sings Their Praises

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I like these guys, though...they'll be there, so go!

Ooh, lookie: a bunch of luxe-loncheras will gather every Thursday at the Orange County Fairgrounds starting three hours ago! Oh, happy day! Think they'll try to help out their lonchera hermanos across Fairview Avenue at the weekend Orange Coast College Swap Meet, which faces continual threats of extinction under the regime of Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor? Ooh, you can't bring politics into food--not kosher!

But try telling that to Chapman University School of Law Professor Ernesto Hernández López.

In today's Orange County Register, the professor did something shocking--he wrote something liberal, nay progressive, in the paper's opinion section. It was a good piece, too: urging politicians and the public to embrace the luxe-lonchera phenomenon, and also mention Orange County's loncheros' pioneering efforts to secure rights so that these Johnny-come-lately trendsters can park and tweet to their corazón's delight. Great job, profe, but why call them "gourmet trucks"? Don't let those Chapman elitists and kooks you have to call colleagues poison your culinary outlook...

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