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Will pastrami infused vodka be the next big thing? Find out and read up on what you missed this week in Stick a Fork In It!

In response to an Alaska distillery's decision to produce salmon-infused vodka, Dave lists five more Jewish foods for them to consider. He also performs a tequila taste test, grabs a drink at the 7 Seas Fish House, sips on some delicious Portola coffee and grabs some jackfruit tacos at a great vegan food truck.

Edwin makes his mouth happy with some Kinder Hippos, announces the arrival of a new gastropub, shares an article that discusses "Who Owns the Korean Taco" and gets a hold of Craig Connole of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer for a three part interview.

Gustavo answers a comida Question on where to find "Mexican holy host dessert," continues his adventures in food truckery with Soho Tacos, recounts this week's "Taco Bell Crime of the Week" and continues the countdown of our top 100 favorite dishes.

Finally, Jessica shares some delicious cocktail recipes to ring in our nation's birthday, Willy cooks up some tomato paella and Vickie reminds us to celebrate 7/11's anniversary this Sunday with a free Slurpee.

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