Taco Bell Flag Flies as High as American, California Flags at New Taco Bell Headquarters

Entrance of Taco Bell's Irvine headquarters and its address...

Okay, so flag etiquette allows for other flags to fly as high as the Stars and Stripes if they're on separate poles. Still, isn't it the height (pardon the pun) of hubris for Taco Bell to raise its banner as high as that of California and the United States at its headquarters?

I made the discovery on Friday, when I drove to Taco Bell's new headquarters in hopes that it also featured an in-office Taco Bell like its old Irvine headquarters. That feature, unfortunately, has been scuttled. Above is a picture of Taco Bell's new entrance. After the jump are the flags!

Long may the chalupa wave...
Funny stuff...and can fast-food restaurants PLEASE stop with their self-aggrandizing use of flags?

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