Where To Eat Before The 2010 MLB All-Star Game

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If you've been reading along with OC Weekly recently, you'll remember that we reviewed the eats both inside and outside the stadium where a certain important baseball game will be played tomorrow.

If you can't handle the idea of overpaying for stadium food, here are some additional suggestions both quick and leisurely for eating near (but not too near) the Big A.

The problem, of course, is that the known places (The Catch, J.T. Schmid's, Mr. Stox) will be madhouses; good luck getting a seat. The immediate area, however, is a desert of decent food, with almost nothing but chains for a mile in any direction. As you head slightly out of the Katella corridor, though, things improve.

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El Moctezuma #3 (1740 W. Chapman, Orange) is an offbeat choice for Mexican, the third iteration of OC's best Oaxacan restaurants. Try the moles, try the tlayudas (Mexican pizzas, but so much more), try the cactus paddle salad.

Jägerhaus (2525 E. Ball, Anaheim) is OC's best German restaurant. Stop in before the game for a filling meal. They often have wild-game specials (elk, for example), and their desserts are not to be missed.

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Lucille's Rib Shack (4050 W. Chapman, Orange) is an offshoot of the popular Lucille's barbecue chain, a quick-service restaurant with a limited menu and lower prices. Their tri-tip is quite good, and if you sit at the bar, you can order from the bartender--try their Amber Ale, a dead ringer for Newcastle.

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Natural (1177 S. State College, Anaheim) isn't a full restaurant, but if all you want is a snack, a shake or a scoop of ice cream, this is your destination. Try the escamocha, a Mexican fruit salad topped with yoghurt, granola and desiccated coconut; if you're in the mood for a cold shake, try the mind-bending chamoyada, a mango shake poured into a cup lined with a spicy, salty sweet-and-sour syrup made from apricots.

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Niberino's (inside the His-Nibs Liquor Store, 2501 E. Ball, Anaheim) is a liquor store with a sandwich counter that makes some damn tasty meatball sandwiches. The store's namesake, Nibs Waters, recently passed away, but the counter is still in operation.

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Xôi gà
OC Poultry and Rotisserie (2117 E. Ball, Anaheim) is where you go for your chicken sandwiches. Shredded organic rotisserie chicken on baguette with garlic mayo, pickled vegetables, chiles (if you want them) and cilantro (ditto) will set you back all of $2.65. Try the xôi gà, sticky rice with shredded roast chicken, for a flavor blast that will leave you reeling.

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