Slideshow: Food Disguised As Other Food

buffalo wings cake.jpg
Flickr user DebbieDoesCakes
Buffalo wings platter cake: Serves 85! The wings are dark chocolate with fondant "skin." To see more by Debbie of DebbieDoesCakes, you can visit her blog here.
Food disguised as other food; quite possibly as cute as kittens. Click though this slideshow where even meat is vegetarian-friendly.

cooked steak.jpg
Flickr user DebbieDoesCakes
Another amazing work by DebbieDoesCakes: Cooked t-bone steak cake! This cake is about 17" long. The utensils are pastillage and the "broccoli" is fondant. Delicious even for a vegetarian!

Flickr user Grace of Cakes
Flickr user Grace of Cakes made this for her boss' birthday: "I got the idea from the web. I basically made a 14" cake, slightly hollowed out the middle, added red frosting and grated white chocolate on top. I used fruit rollups and cut them into "pepperoni", "green peppers" and "olives". (I used a hole puncher to make the holes in the olives). It was a hit at work! I asked the local pizza place for a box and he was happy to give me one. He was really curious about the cake. Now I have to give him a picture."

Flickr user Stephanie (Cake Fixation)
Hamburger cake, airbrushed and ready to go. To see more by Stephanie of Cake Fixation, you can find her on Facebook and her blog.

Flickr user gillianwallisbrett
TV dinner cupcakes. Genius.

duraian hi res.jpg
Flickr user DebbieDoesCakes
Holy crap: Debbie's "Food Cake Opus" of durian (this kind doesn't smell, promise), rambutan (the "hairy cherries" in the corner there), longan, dragonfruit and lychees.

crab pot hi res.jpg
Flickr user DebbieDoesCakes
Seafood boil cake!

ham cake.jpg
Flickr user DebbieDoesCakes
Debbie says that this ham cake was made for a birthday at a comedy club--get it?

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