Genkai Dana Point Resurrected

Spencer Kornhaber / OC Weekly
Now they open.
Genkai, the one consistently pretty-good sushi restaurant in Dana Point, shut down a couple months ago after a fire. Now, though... well, the sign above says it all.

I went there last night, expecting to see some sort of renovation or interior overhaul. But nope: It's the same wood-paneled foyer and wave-patterned bar backdrop as ever. The only noticeable change were the screens in the dining room, which, if memory serves, used to be... different. I can't say I'm sure how they were different, though. Maybe they were rice paper?

Spencer Kornhaber / OC Weekly
nd the fish? Still fresh. All is right in Dana Point now that you don't have to brave the fratty crowd, bizarre serving practices and hit-or-miss fare of Mahe for sushi.

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