A Front Of The Line Report From Henry's Farmers Market Opening In Tustin

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Photo by Brekkie Fan
Tipster and friend Brekkie Fan is one of those who got up early today (5:45 a.m., she said) to wait it out for Henry's Grand Opening today in Tustin. Why? Well if you haven't already heard, the much anticipated grocery store is giving away groceries, a car, sandwiches, and other things for their Grand Opening and ribbon cutting at 7:45 a.m. today.

She e-mailed me this morning saying: "Just wanted to let another human being know I am taking one for the 'foodie who enjoys free stuff' team and sitting in my lawn chair outside Henry's since 5:45. But I gots me a wristband. It's cold in Tustin!"

So what did I do? I asked her to take the above pic for us.

After she did, she texted back: "fingers.....getting.....numb........Did the pic suffice?"

The line, as she last reported, wrapped around Bryan Avenue. The Henry's staff, however, was feeling generous early. Brekkie Fan told me they're giving out mini cinnamon rolls to the crowd.

She signed off adding that she had a copy of OC Weekly to also keep her happy in the meantime, and that finally...THE LINE WAS MOVING!

Good luck Brekkie Fan, and all those out there in the cold!

Henry's. 3011 El Camino Real at The Market Place in Tustin.

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