Say Your Final Goodbye to the Omelette Parlor This Weekend

The day is fast approaching when the Costa Mesa Omelette Parlor will close it doors, shut off its lights and stop serving scrumptious apple butter. That day would be May 31.

So if you go to pay your respects and eat one last eggy item this weekend, be prepared for quite a crowd. But you may haul some swag.

Spencer Kornhaber / OC Weekly
This mug could be yours...
​When our editor stopped by for breakfast this past week, he came away with a free mug, depicted above and below. We called the Parlor this morning and owner Susan Adkins told us that yes, some loyal friends have been getting cups. The mugs even say "loyal friends!"

Spencer Kornhaber / OC Weekly
What are you, chicken?
We asked Susan whether these last few weeks have been a sad time. "They've been a busy time," she said, apparently with dishes for customers in hand. "We're just going to try to keep serving good food as long as we can. Just trying to give people that one last fix and try to have people leave on a positive note."

She said that she didn't yet know whether the parlor would reopen somewhere else. Friends have been scouting out locations, but the restaurant won't start up again unless the location feels "right." For updates on potential new Omelette Parlor ventures, she encourages fans to watch the joint's Facebook page.

If it does reopen in the near future, might we suggest they update the menu with items named for current local news makers, instead of only the decades-old ones on the menu now? Maybe "Allan Mansoor's Secret Delight" with chorizo and jalapeño. Or the "Sandra Hutchens," featuring arugula and a side of milk toast. Or the "Fuck Vons," filled with the works and topped with angry angel tears.

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