Jelly Rats

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Edwin Goei
We return to part two of a three Wacky Snacks series to focus on the food of Sweden, because as it turns out, as I said last week, there's a treasure trove of wacky stuff right under our noses at IKEA's Swedish Food Market. This week?

Name: Jelly Rats

Origin: Sweden

Found at: IKEA, Costa Mesa

Cost: $1.69


Sugar, glucose syrup (wheat based), water, gelatine [sic], acid (citric acid), flavorings, preservative (sodium benzoate), colors (carmine, betacarotine, cholorophyllin), confectioners glaze (coconut oil and beeswax).

Edwin Goei
Why I Bought It: Gummy Worms, meet your Swedish counterpart: Jelly Rats, proof that even in Sweden, the grosser the candy concept, the more kids will like it. Nevermind that they don't even really look like rats. They have the general shape, but not the size or the color. If you didn't read the packaging and started noshing, you would've thought they were just stretched out gummy bears with tails. Methinks if it were bigger with more detail, and dare I say, furrier, it would be more effective. But then, it would also be a choking hazard.
Edwin Goei
Tasting Notes: If Gummy Worms tasted like Jelly Rats, I'd eat more Gummy Worms. There's actually more to the Jelly Rats than meets the eye. Inside, there exists two layers of candy. The center of the rat, the innards as it were, is a softer, squishy, almost liquid confection. The outer shell is a chewier, firmer stock similar to American gummy. And on the whole it's more little tart, not as cloying as Gummy Worms and much more interesting than boring old Swedish fish.

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