Local Bloggers Judge This Week's Top Chef Masters

Photo Courtesy of Eddie Lin
From left to right: Jay Rayner, Kelly Choi, Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Food), Eddie Lin, Marc Moss (Weird Food Festival), Bill Esparza (Street Gourmet LA).
I know we write a lot about Eddie Lin. He--the author of Extreme Cuisine and the blog that started it all, Deep End Dining--has been mentioned on our blog more times than any other food blogger. Well, we can't help it, because the guy can't seem to stop doing cool stuff! This one "Tops" the proverbial cake (that's a Top Chef pun, by the way, in case you were wondering)

On this week's episode of Top Chef Masters, Eddie--along with Marc Moss of the Weird Food Festival, Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet LA, and loveable human cueball and Bizarre Foods eater, Andrew Zimmern--get to taste and grade dishes by this season's finalists. The theme for Wednesday's show, judging by the preview and the roster of tasters, will most likely involve something unusual.

What ever it may be, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the teaser last week. But seriously, the producers couldn't have picked a more deserving group of diners. After they had the Real Housewives on to judge a few episodes ago, this actually restores my faith in the show and tips the karmic scale towards the positive.

If you're interested in seeing the show with Eddie and Bill, they'll be having a viewing party at the Edison Downtown LA on May 12th at the Tesla Lounge and the Generator Lounge starting at 9 p.m. Me, I'm still waiting for an invite to judge a Top Chef Masters. Heck, I'll settle for regular Top Chef. I'm not picky. Seriously, Bravo producers, call me.

Edison Downtown
108 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0000

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