What's Going On At The Counter in Costa Mesa and Other Things...

Edwin Goei
As I first reported in August of last year (after being tipped off from a fellow Chowhound), The Counter is opening its second OC store at Westcliff Plaza in Newport Beach. It's slated for this summer. But it looks like it soon won't be the newbie in that plaza.

In a press release by their landlords, The Irvine Company, yesterday (yes, if you blog about food in OC, you too can get canvased by the same PR people), it will be joined there by Chronic Tacos, which you may know closed up shop at nearby Triangle Square recently.

This brings me to the other piece of news that wasn't shared by the Irvine Co. PR people: Triangle Square just got bought out by the owners of Sutra Lounge. They reportedly have big plans for the languishing shopping mall. But I think that since daddy owns the store, we can safely bet that at the very least, Sutra Lounge isn't going anywhere.

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