Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

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Robbing a Taco Bell for money, I understand. Robbing for food--gotcha. Assault at a spot--hey, their Value Meals have a way of upsetting one's bowels and being, so I understand. But what fucked-up soul would steal a dog?

From the Houston area:

A brown and white terrier is missing after it was stolen from outside a local Taco Bell, according to police.

A woman told investigators she went to dinner at Taco Bell on W. Main St. in League City just before 6 p.m. Tuesday. She tied her dog's leash to a fence while she went inside.

When the woman returned after eating, her pet was gone, police said.

The pup's owner told police she suspects that someone who pulled up next to the dog in a white truck may have stolen it. The dog weighs 40 pounds, but the owner did not have any other information, officials said.

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