Mariela Rebollo of Barcelona On the Go, Part 1

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Photo by Kimberly Valenzuela
We've interviewed the chefs of fancy places, we've interviewed the chefs of hidden holes in the wall, but we've never interviewed the chef of a food truck until now. Mariela Rebollo is the force in the mobile kitchen of Barcelona on the Go, a Spanish food truck that's been prowling the streets of OC serving up great tapas--all they need now is a wine permit. Tune in tomorrow for more questions, and Thursday for a recipe from the chef herself.

OC Weekly: What are six words to describe your food?
Mariela Rebollo:
Fresh, traditional, simple, tasteful, quality ingredients, and good presentation.

OCW: What are ten words to describe you?
MR: Innovative, detail-oriented, perfectionist, passionate, hard-working, professional, resourceful, serious, impatient, task-oriented.

OCW: What's your best recent food find?

MR: Can't think of one.

OCW: What's the most undervalued ingredient?

MR: Bay leaves.

OCW: Rules of conduct in your kitchens:

MR: Safety, freshness of ingredients, and staying customer-focused.

OCW: Is there one food you particularly detest?

MR: Durian.

OCW: Is there one food you can't live without?

MR: Good bread and chocolate.

OCW: Culinary speaking, Orange County has the best:

MR: Potential for great food and people to appreciate it.

OCW: What is your fast-food guilty pleasure and why?

MR: In-N-Out; it's family-owned, with a secret menu and respect for their employees.

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