Kogi's Roy Choi: One of Food and Wine Mag's Best New Chefs

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​You might have heard this, but here it is again in case you didn't: 
Food and Wine Magazine has named Kogi's Korean taco auteur as one of 2010's Best New Chefs.

This, my friends, is quite an accomplishment, a big deal, and newsworthy, even if you think this food truck craze is overplayed. Arguably, he's the guy to thank (or blame) for it all. So congrats!  It must also be noted that this news comes right on the heels of Roy Choi's next venture, a sit-down restaurant serving rice bowls called Chego, which is officially opening today in L.A.  Now if that's not great timing, I don't know what is.

On a local note, Gustavo Arellano is quick to point out that Roy is a Villa Park High alum. Go Spartans!

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