Greg Daniels of Haven Gastropub, Part 1

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Old Town Orange is going through a sort of culinary renaissance lately, and Haven Gastropub is a big part of it. You can generally tell which building is Haven by the crowd of people standing around outside for a table. This week, Haven's executive chef and partner, Greg Daniels, volunteers to talk to Stick a Fork In It. Stay tuned for more questions tomorrow and a recipe involving seafood and beer on Thursday.

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OC Weekly: What are six words to describe your food?

Greg Daniels: Creative, comfort, casual, gourmet, flavorful, fresh

OCW: What are ten words to describe you?

GD: Sarcastic, driven, creative, caring, leader, impatient, demanding, intelligent, careful, self-aware

Your best recent food find:

GD: Pork Flatiron.  Was just given a sample--all natural, well-marbled, delicious. Definitely the next menu addition.

OCW: Most undervalued ingredient:

GD: Salt. I think this is where many restaurants fail to deliver good food. I don't know why so many people want to eat tasteless, bland food. I understand the health factors, but until a doctor tells me otherwise, I will continue to salt my food so that I can taste it.

I know that some chefs will tell you that using fresh ingredients requires less seasoning, and I totally agree. The point is to "properly" season food. This doesn't mean over-seasoning or under-seasoning. There is a balance that you reach with the use of salt that if done properly, highlights the ingredients without actually tasting salt.

Rules of conduct in your kitchens:

GD: Work clean, and don't complain. I don't yell... much. I expect that my team shows up on time, puts in 100%, and is happy doing it. I run a kitchen that is very open to suggestion. I feel that if a line cook is involved in the development of the dish, he or she will have a sense of ownership that only comes with that involvement. Dishes that we work on rely on just about everyone being involved, whether it be the whole thing or just a small aspect of it. It's important to hire creative people, that can bounce ideas off of you. As a chef, I believe being open to those ideas is what makes a restaurant great.

One food you detest:

GD: Anything from McDonald's. Anything from Olive Garden. I hate when people say, "Well, the breadsticks and salad are really good." If a restaurant's claim to fame is breadsticks and salad, I don't want to be there. Besides the fact that you can find a much better plate of pasta for the same price or less anywhere.

OCW: One food you can't live without:

Tacos. Being from Whittier originally, I was raised on Mexican food. I don't think I could live without it. Growing up, we had tacos every Friday night - the spicier the better. My stomach has paid the price over the years, but it's not slowing me down any.

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Haven Gastropub

190 S. Glassell St., Orange, CA

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