Buttery Nipple at O'Malley's On Main

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Jessica Ford
First, get your mind out of the gutter--it is not that kind of buttery nipple. Second, almost every bartender knows (or should know) how to make this, but if they don't, be prepared to be met with a long, awkward stare and the question, "You want two . . . what?"

With just two ingredients--Bailey's Irish Cream and butterscotch schnapps--you would think a buttery nipple would be an easy drink to make, but no: It can go so, so wrong.

I've been a personal quest to find the best buttery nipple in the state of California since I discovered the shooter a few years ago. Lucky for me, the best so far happens to be in Seal Beach. Peter, a bartender at O'Malley's on Main Street, happens to be one of the few who really knows what he's doing when it comes to this misunderstood cocktail.

Peter begins by filling a glass with ice, then pours butterscotch schnapps a little more than halfway up, and then fills it to the top with Bailey's Irish Cream. The cream in the Bailey's causes it to float on top of the schnapps, creating a layering effect for the perfect buttery nipple.

He is also one of the few bartenders who will actually offer to make it as a cocktail, instead of the typical shooter form. Lightly stir the buttery nipple with your straw and enjoy a drink that has the power to make some bartenders blush.

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O'Malley's On Main

140 Main St., Seal Beach, CA

Category: Music

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