Bring In A "Veggie Grill Virgin" to Veggie Grill Today, Get a Free Meal

Categories: Bargains
Jonathan Ho
Today, all you have to do to get a free meal at Veggie Grill is to say that your friend (you have to bring one) hasn't been there.  If he/she has been, I am assuming you can just lie.  It's not like they can do a veggie background check.  The restaurant is calling today "Veggie Grill Virgin Day", which is also, by the way, Earth Day (Thursday, April 22).

Their Facebook page says: "Whisper to the cashier that you've brought in a Veggie Grill Virgin, and we'll comp their entrée.Tell your friend it's on you! ... note: one Veggie Grill Virgin per experienced Veggie Griller please, no solo VG Virgins."

So there you go.  Free food for those new to it and free food for those who aren't but are willing to lie.

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