SouZouCreations: Wear Your Stomach On Your Finger!

Etsy seller SouZouCreations
Floating Pancake Ring: Our favorite!
Etsy seller SouZouCreations hand crafts some of the tastiest and most adorable jewelry you'll ever see. Based in Fukuoka, Japan, Sofia--designer/head genius behind SouZouCreations--seems to specialize in the culinary. Scroll through for some of our favorite pieces. For more info, or to purchase some of these items, just visit SouZouCreations on Etsy.

Etsy seller SouZouCreations
Floating Noodles Ring: Complete with veggies and seafood--and a floating pair of chopsticks, of course. $12.50.

Etsy seller SouZouCreations
Floating Ring Cola and Fries: Because how else would you show your devotion to fast food? $12.50.

Etsy seller SouZouCreations
Coffee With Cream: Cafe au lait on your finger! $12.50.

Etsy seller SouZouCreations
Sushi and Chopsticks Ring: Who knew miniature chopsticks could be so damn cute? $8.50.

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