MitAsie in Huntington Beach: Back From the Dead

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Grace Le
MitAsie Interior
MitAsie spent three short years whipping up omnivorous (but vegetarian-friendly) Vietnamese cuisine for happy customers in a discrete corner of a Huntington Beach shopping plaza across the way from Bella Terra. Their foods were health-oriented Asian fare with a modern twist that managed to successfully walk the fine line between appeasing broad-spectrum palates and staying true to authentic Vietnamese flavors.

When the owners closed down shop around October of 2009 for personal reasons, the lamentations of disappointed patrons dotted the restaurant's profile on a number of food review websites.

Little did we know what was really going on was a complete overhaul of the old menu. After several months of dormancy, MitAsie reemerged as a full-fledged vegetarian eatery!

Read on for details on their delicious new offerings.

lemongrass chicken.jpg
Grace Le
Spicy Soy Chicken With Lemongrass
MitAsie's menu boasts over 60 vegetarian dishes offering anything from wonton soup to veggie moon crepe (bánh xèo chay). Like most Asian slow-dining establishments, MitAsie works best for parties of two and up because a majority of its entrees and specials are served family-style.

Pictured above is the spicy soy lemongrass chicken. For $6.95 you get a decently sized platter of juicy soy chicken, sautéed with onions and bell peppers in a savory sweet sauce. The chicken is firm, yet tender so that it satisfies your canines when you chew. The soy itself is pleasantly seasoned so that it holds its own,, even without the sauce. Finally, tiny bits of lemongrass and crushed pepper accent the glazed surfaces of these deliciously bite-sized morsels.

salt tofu.jpg
Grace Le
Salted Crispy Tofu

The salted crispy tofu plate is a simple pleasure and excellent accompaniment to any meal. Squares of silken tofu are lightly floured and flash fried until golden. The crispy cubes are then dusted with salt and cracked black pepper. Sautéed onions, jalapenos and bits of diced bell pepper garnish the top of the dish for an added kick if desired. Also priced at $6.95, you're not getting the biggest bang for your buck, but if it hits the spot (and it did), go for it.

MitAsie's offerings are varied and affordable. If you like Downtown Huntington Beach's Bodhi Tree Cafe, you won't be disappointed with what you find here. If anything MitAsie is actually better because their seasonings are more delicate and they don't practice salt overkill on their proteins. In the near future, the owners are looking to re-revamp the menu to be strictly vegan. Let's hope they won't have to close to do it!

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