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It's about time a big city gets mentioned in this column--Middle America and hick towns have been hogging up the Taco Bell crimes, you know? And the stupidity of this crime is mind-boggling: doesn't the guy know Taco Bell is the new donut shop for police officers? From Trenton, New Jersey:

New Jersey police arrested and charged a man after they say he snuck into police headquarters in Trenton and stole a police radio, a computer monitor and a sergeant's attache case.

According to police, Anthony Williams, 41, was busted after he attempted to sell the radio to customers in line at a Taco Bell drive-through.

Williams, who police described as a convicted thief who has served time for burglary and robbery, walked past a unmanned security post in the headquarters lobby Sunday and managed to walk out undetected with the police goods.

It was when officers heard civilian chatter over the radio - believed to be Williams trying to sell the stolen property - that detectives realized it was missing, police said.

After several attempts of trying to sell the radio, a customer at the Taco Bell decided to take matters into his own hands and snatched the radio off the thief and called 911.

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