Mizuki Ramen To Open Soon In Irvine

Edwin Goei
Our friend Craig Medici has made me aware that a new ramen joint called Mizuki is close to opening up at Jamboree and Michelson, next to Sports Chalet. Not only that, he heard that it will be one of the largest ramen houses in the country. The flyer Craig sent me said that it would be able to accommodate 150 customers. The expected debut date is sometime this month.

Curious, I did a drive by this afternoon. Actually, I did more than that: I peeked inside through a crack in the door. It is, indeed, large. I saw a very long hostess podium among other things being constructed. But since this space is where Narano Sushi used to be, I don't expect it to be bigger than that space. Of course, seeing as how I've never been to Narano before it closed, I don't know how spacious it really was.

If anyone has more information about Mizuki, please feel free to chime in.

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