Iron Chef Challenger Opens Stall at Mitsuwa Marketplace Food Court

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Photo by Yelp user Tiffany L.

A few weeks ago, Dave broke the news that Maestro at the Mitsuwa Marketplace foodcourt was shuttering. This week our friend Joe Bello has the scoop on what replaced it.

He writes that the new place is called "Mashta" and on the printed menu, it says "Korean Cuisine by Iron Chef Challenger Myung Lee."

Who is Myung Lee? Check out the video below for a snippet of her in action in Battle Liver against Iron Chef Chen Kenichi.

The food stall, Joe adds, "appears to offer just bi-bim-bap (bulgogi, chicken, pork, vegetarian, kimchi, etc.) and a few a la carte side dishes (chicken gang jeong, calamari, fried tofu, etc.).  Seems nice to have a Korean option among the ramen and udon outposts, but I wonder if Hashigo Korean Kitchen (across Bristol Street) is shaking in its boots."

I agree. And they should.

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