Cheesecake-Stuffed Beignets at Scott's

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Jessica Ford
Scott's Restaurant and Bar in Costa Mesa is known for its fresh seafood but the dessert menu boasts a list of sweets that will leave your head spinning when it comes time to choose one. The beignets at Scott's may not emulate those of New Orleans, but it comes pretty damn close for an upscale eatery down the street from a gigantic mall.

Scott's serves three small beignets--the equivalent of a French donut--stuffed with cheesecake. The beignets sit on a thin caramel sauce and almond slivers, and are dusted with powdered sugar. The fried outer layer of the beignet can be torn with little effort, exposing the creamy cheesecake within that has a thinner consistency than expected. The cheesecake filling is whipped, preventing it from weighing down our stomachs or the fluffy shell of the beignet.

Enjoy the beignets with a wine flight (Scott's A.B.C. wine flight includes three very generous pours and only costs $9.) and eating a real meal won't even cross your mind.

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