Kogi Setting Up Brick and Mortar Shop In L.A.; O.C., Not Yet

Categories: Really?!?!?
The news out of Eater L.A. yesterday was that Kogi's planning to set up a brick and mortar shop somewhere in Los Angeles. Kogi's PR person, Alice Shin, is quoted as saying that it will be like "Yoshinoya 5.0" since they'll be doing rice bowls and such.

Yes, that's right: the truck that is responsible for the spreading rash of catering trucks is settling down. And why not? What were the trucks if not an uber-successful marketing campaign for what's destined to be a regular restaurant empire, and dare I say, chain?

Being that I've written about Kogi before (ahem), of course, I had to ask Alice myself whether they have plans to open a permanent store in O.C. She laughed and said that there's currently no plans for an O.C. Kogi store, and that they're just taking it one day at a time. But they said the same thing about a dedicated truck for O.C.

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