Introducing Taco Bell's Own Jared Fogel

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Taco Bell, it seems, has a new spokesperson named Christine -- their own Jared Fogel, if you will -- who claims that she lost 54 pounds after two years of eating fast food in controlled portions from the chain. The company has her face, and not to mention, figure, featured front and center on their main website touting their so-called "Drive-Thru Diet®".

A few clicks into the site, however, you'll see lots of disclaimers that theirs is "not a low calorie food" and that "results aren't typical". Basically the verbiage is prudent legal fine print to make sure that no one who ends up gaining weight sues them. But the implication and the marketing is not as ambiguous. You'll even see before and after shots of the spokesperson in a bikini.

But perhaps there's some truth to the notion: I know people who have lost their appetite after a bite of anything from Taco Bell.

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