Dessert of the Week: Coconut Agar at Brodard Restaurant

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Grace Le
Coconut Agar
Brodard Restaurant is the original of the two Brodard locations, the second being Brodard Chateau, previously mentioned in this week's Life on the Veg. Starting off as a French style bakery, the owners eventually fashioned this little hole-in-the-wall into a tourist-friendly dining establishment with an almost ridiculously immense menu.

Offering everything from rice porridge to omelets, it's easy to get lost amidst the hugely eclectic selections on Brodard's menu, but if there's one thing to home in on, it's the coconut agar.

Read on for the juicy details.

Served in a hollowed out coconut shell, the coconut agar is made with real young coconut juice and beautifully accented with coconut meat petals arranged in a floral pattern. Thickened to a gelatin-like consistency with seaweed-based agar while using minimal amounts of sugar, this dessert is 100 percent vegan and has a natural, delicately aromatic flavor.

Low in calories and only $2.25 a pop, the coconut agar is definitely worth a try, and you get to keep the shell as a souvenir!

Brodard Restaurant
9892 Westminster Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92844

Wed-Mon: 8am-9pm
Tues: Closed

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