This Sunday: OC Japan Street Fair at The OC Fairgrounds

Categories: Food Festivals
No, it's not another food-centric Mitsuwa Marketplace festival. It's the OC Japan Street Fair at the OC Fairgrounds, happening between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 15th. Admission is $2. Parking, $5. But they will have food, because what kind of fair doesn't have food. And it will be Japanese. Though it's unconfirmed, I'd expect to at least see takoyaki balls, tempura, and taiyaki (those fish-shaped waffle things).

Along with it, there will be taiko concerts, music, dancing, and a Harajuku section for those who like to gawk at the Japanese idea of fashion. And for those who'd rather watch robots fight, they have a so-called Robo-One ring, where, um, robots fight. Really, that's why I'd go.  ROBOTS!!!!

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