Dessert of the Week: PB & J at Flight Bistro

When it comes to high-end desserts, an ingredients combo like peanut butter and jelly is certainly not the first thing to come to mind. Ordering a "PB & J" may bring back memories of plastic lunch boxes and soggy bread, but the upscale Flight Bistro in Huntington Beach has put a new spin on the lunchtime staple. The result? Delicious, and our Dessert of the Week.

All three elements of a PB & J--bread, peanut butter, jelly--are represented in this dessert. The "bread" appears in the form of Zabaione gelato. The key ingredient to this gelato is Marsala, a fortified wine, which gives it a cinnamon-like flavor. The next part is arguably the most important: the peanut butter. Flight Bistro's version of a PB & J hides the peanut butter in a chocolate molten cake topped with crushed Marcona almonds. Breaking through the outside of the cake leads you to gooey mix of peanut butter and chocolate: Think melting Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. And finally comes the grape marmalade, complete with pieces of grape and spread across the middle of the dish as to keep each part of this "sandwich" separated. Although the best way to eat this dessert is to get a little bit of each part on your spoon to complete the PB & J taste you remember from childhood.

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