Five Interesting Food News Stories This Week

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Here are five interesting food stories that I've come across during a week of browsing.

- Top chef Ferran Adria 'poisons' El Bulli diners with additives - Times Online
- Organizations Attempt to Dispel Study's Food Safety Claims - QSR Magazine
- Crafty Ways Restaurant Cut Costs - SmartMoney Magazine
- Bogus beef: Miami restaurants say it's Kobe, but it's not - Miami New Times
- Burger King makeover: Fast food profits off franchisees' whopping costs - Daily Finance

And finally a fond farewell to our fellow Stick-a-Forker Lesley, who's moving up to L.A., and thus is leaving us! Bon appétit, Lesley! Or more appropriately (since she's a Brit), cheers or cheerio!

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