French 75 Laguna (née 75 Laguna) Chef Now Cooking in SJC

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Mitch Gillan, who was, until recently, the chef at French 75 in Laguna Beach, has updated us on where he is now in a comment made on my review of the restaurant. The meal I reviewed, coincidentally, turned out to be one of the last meals he cooked there.

He writes:

"For All those interested I am now the chef at The Villa in San Juan Capistrano and will be lending a hand at the Ramos House Cafe as well. Hope to see you soon! Eat and live well. Cheers- Chef Mitch"

Chef Gillan, if you're reading this, could you drop me a line at elmomonster75 at I'd like to feature you in our On The Line feature. And thanks for updating us on your whereabouts!

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