Calling All Wiener Fans: Carm's Coneys Is Back!

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Carms Coneys logo w_tag.jpg
The new outlet opened two weeks ago at the Irvine Spectrum Center. So it might not be the most auspicious location in the world, but no doubt Carm's fans--of which there are many--won't mind.

Why the cult following? These dogs are proper New York-style; the signature Coney is made with veal and pork. But there's more on the menu if dead calf doesn't float your boat: chilli, buffalo wings and fish (on Fridays, natch). Oh, and the authentic frozen custard is the best you can get in these parts.

Carm's previously operated in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, and the latter is where management is planning another location (562 W 19th Street, to be exact). Watch this space.

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