Nana San: A New Sushi Restaurant By The Family From Ango Tei

Edwin Goei
What you see above is a new sushi restaurant that is expected to open in the next month in Newport Beach. But if you think that it looks to be another run-of-the-mill mini-mall california roll, teriyaki bowl lunch spot, then you'd be wrong.

Called Nana San, this one is from the same family that brought you Ango Tei in Costa Mesa. Well, technically, the man behind the fish counter will be Goro, the step-son of Ango, the master itamae behind Ango Tei.

Goro, according to cdmedici on the Chowhound boards, capably took up the sushi knife after his dad retired. When Ango Tei was finally sold, many wondered where he'd end up. This is where:

Nana San, 3601 Jamboree Rd., Newport Beach

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