The Laker-tini At Morton's, For B-Ball Fans With Class

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Wanna show your support for the Lakers but not so keen on the garish merchandise (bright purple pool table for three grand, anyone?).

Morton's--the posh steakhouse with locations in Santa Ana and Anaheim--has come to the rescue with the Laker-tini ($12), available from now until the end of the series.

Forget Miller Lite-loaded sessions spent "discussing" the on-screen action. This baby is in a league of its own, made with purple and gold ingredients (Charbay Vodka, Triple Sec, OJ, Sweet & Sour and lime juice) and finished off with a purple grape and an orange slice.

Can't quite picture Kobe et al going for it, but it should appeal to feminine fans, the simply curious and those who like a little gimmick with their game.

Go Lakers!

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