Coming Soon to Tustin: New Indian Restaurant in Old Roderick's Space

Edwin Goei

So here's how the conversation went between my friend and I when we drove past the Stater Bros.-anchored strip mall in Tustin on Redhill near the 5 FWY.

Me: Did you see that? An Indian place called "Traditions" is going to take over Roderick's.

Friend: What's Roderick's?

Me: It's the restaurant that was there before. Don't you notice these things?

Friend: (blank stare)

Me: Since Roderick's had a lot of space in that building of theirs, I think this new place will be the biggest Indian place in O.C.

Friend: How about Saagar in Newport Beach, near John Wayne? That's pretty big.

Me: OK, biggest in Tustin then.

Friend: You're going to blog about this aren't you?

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