Ham & Cheese Gelato at Tutto Amore's All-You-Can-Eat Gelato Night This Thursday

First, as much as I like the idea of All-You-Can-Eat gelato, it seems, um, excessive. Face it: even if you could eat your weight in Italian ice cream, would you really want to?

So it's not really that part of the equation that excites me about Tutto Amore's event, happening this Thursday night (6PM - 11PM) in Laguna Beach.

No, what intrigues me are the flavors they are offering.

For the $10 adult admission fee ($4 for children under 10), you get to sample any or all of the 32-flavors they will have available that night, which includes ham & cheese-flavored gelato. I repeat! Ham & cheese gelato!

Here is just a partial list of the selection they'll have handy:

Curry Mango
Nutella Banana
Greek Yogurt
Apple Jacks
Salt and Pepper
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Sorbetto
Coconut Milk Sorbetto
Peach Sake
Mint Cookies and Cream
Cherry Coke Sorbetto
Peach Red Hots
Chocolate Brownie
Ham and Cheese
Chili Jam
Master Cleanse
Black Sesame Coconut Milk
Apricot Cardamom
Horchata de Morro

And oh yeah, nice work literally ONE-UPPING Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors with 32! That's ice cold brother!  Ice.  Cold.

Tutto Amore Gelato, www.tuttoamoregelato.com, 247 Broadway St., Laguna Beach, CA 92651, (949) 715-9249

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